Dear Madame/Sir,

With the GRIT project we want  to increase interactions between workplaces, schools and students, who do part of their studies in companies and other organisation.

The students get experience and learn from their Work Based Learning also called work placement, internship or on-the-job learning. Practical experience is important for the students’ professional development.

You are likely to be colleagues, managers and partners of our students in the future.

Today, they are just learners and tomorrow we rely on their expertise.

More and more of the learning is taking place in the companies and other institutions outside of schools/classrooms. The learning takes place in the organizations that collaborate with us sometimes closely and sometimes randomly. Either way it is an important part of learning.


We, as Educational institutions are here to  guide you  and share our learning expertise in developing the Work Based Learning in your company. And at the same time, we together  could develop the learning environment of the future.


Interested? Check out some tools, we have tried out or developed: