GRIT for the future!

Growth in WBL triangle

Objectives of GRIT

  • Educate for the future
  • Student oriented
  • In partnership with the companies
  • Sharing of knowledge in a digital environment

Needs of the market. Trends


  • Involvement of the companies to learning
  • Outsourcing the education to the companies by WBL in some partner countries
  • Companies have the internal academies
  • Digitalization of the education and reporting
  • Individual learning, customized learning
  • Lifelong learning VUCA world / FLUX context

Internal barriers

  • Resources (less many), quantity vs. quality, allocation of the resources
  • Reactive tutors, HR policy, old fashioned inflexible incentives policies
  • Traditional role of the teacher
  • Image of WBL
  • Rigid educational framework
  • Inflexible infrastructure and silo thinking


  • Number and quality of workplaces or learning companies with right attitude
  • Curricula and Demand of the educational framework
  • Uncertainty in the companies in FLUX world
  • Time pressure


  • Need to change the mindset of the stakeholders
  • Right people  procedures and tools
  • People: With Heart, Committed, enthusiastic, facilitators,
  • Flexibility
  • Minimum budget
  • Management mandate and commitment

GRIT Service Promise


  • Heart for Work Based Learning
  • Believe in quality and involvement of three parties
  • Respect
  • Way towards the  future
  • Enhancing professionalism

These values contribute to the growth and  boost of the WBL process


Closing the gap between the participants


  • Master the applied skills that business needs
  • Maximum integration with business life
  • More focused and goal oriented students
  • Better equipped for lifelong learning
  • Changed mindset concerning WBL = GRIT mindset