Rainy and intensive days

Rainy and intensive days in Bilbao

Long story short:

Willing to work, all of us met in Bilbao again. We shared our experiences about GRIT project. New people joined the group and brought fresh air to the project.


  • Dissemination and Communication were the key points
  • We are using SD and digital tools. We learn in every opportunity that we have.
  • Some warnings related to digital tools. In some situations some digital tools are not good..
  • We learnt how to shoot video clips.
  • We need tutorials for the digital tools.
  • We have a communication plan and we agreed on the best social network platforms for us and for young people.
  • We analyzed the biannual quality questionnaire
  • Discussed the most important points. Agreed a definition for WBL/SD. Internal communication must be improved.
  • Analyzed the conclusions or improvements needed
  • Shared the status of each Intellectual outputs. We made a plan: What still has to be done? What do we already have?
  • Defined the multiplier events to organize each partner
  • Kept working on IOs
  • Quality feedback
  • Tried Basque food and did some cultural exchange