Gritlies in Ghent

Summer sprint 2017  – Gritlies in Ghent

Long story short:

Grit project team known as “Gritlies” met in Ghent Belgium in the end of June and worked hard for two days.

On top of that there are a few public secrets we’d love to share with other E+ projects or anyone spending days in a meeting room far away from home.

  • The spirit can be good even when the list of pending tasks is several pages long.
  • General rules are just general rules: Finnish partners do work after midsummer (but they brag about it).
  • Pittoresk ambient, good food and beer – like only in Belgium – do help a big deal.
  • The project is hard work – be constant.
  • Eat well and talk about food.
  • It takes a while to digest the deepest meaning of intellectual outputs.
  • Remember to book your flight early, especially if you fly to the capital of Europe – the tickets can easily ruin your budget.
  • There are no short cuts to service design and sometimes you need to be bold.
  • Dare to try.
  • Dare to learn and try again.
  • Respect.