Digital tools in Bilbao

Digital tools training Bilbao (Basque Country)

08/05/2017 – 12/05/2017

Digital solutions de-facto aim to improve human-human interaction. The fact is that the amount and the versatility of digitools for communication is overwhelming (not a big Surprise!).  The feeling of working through the list of digitools inevitably associates with the Pokemon GO game: Gotta catch em all!  If just anyone, please, could gamify this process!

While waiting the game to be produced we just did it the old fashioned way. We listened, tested, got confused, failed and eventually learned.

I have a statement I think we all agree on: It is somehow complicated for a grown-up to step onto the ground today’s children and young  are fluent in: Apps, chats and sharing. Even so, it can be done. Do you have to do it? Yes you have to, if you work with them. No, you must not if you have chosen your carrier differently. In any case you must know about them and it is wise to choose tools that serve your purposes – digital or not.

The digitools are not just a hassle you have to deal with because your stakeholders do: They actually can bring you added value. We learned this in beautiful and warm summer Bilbao with support of Omnia Digital Tool Team, Mimmi and Esko.

For instance:

With TRELLO we can manage projects: it is handy in organizing and seeing pending tasks and can be used in any context (including WBL). It takes a while to understand it but that’s surely worth while of learning. This digitool is used in fashionable hot working places!

SLACK offers channels for chatting and it does not demand a heavy profile to join in. It is closed: confidential chats can be opened between the invited group members. Very handy for WBL or for project management. Fashionable tool for good reasons.

PADLET offers a wall that you can use in quite many ways: To co-create, to store and to share information in a closed group only or to all the internet – and everything in between.

POPPLET is a tool for making online mindmaps and co-creating even mind maps inside other mind maps. Love at first sight guaranteed!

And so on and so forth…

There is a downside. The password jungle is not just OUT THERE. If you get into Digital Tools Candyland,  it is IN HERE!!

There is word of comfort: We all share the same experience of password hussle and missing charging cables.But this is the generation experience we all remember when old: Just like the annoying song from the year we turned 15.

Luckily there are also tools for creating and managing your passwords.

See e.g. here