Educational Institutions and Teachers

Dear Colleague,

Do you want to …

  • maximize your students’ learning outcomes from Work Based Learning (WBL) experience?
  • find and solve problems related to collaboration with the working life?
  • support your students in finding solutions for the difficulties they might experience during their WBL experience?
  • point out the obstacles in your organisation related to WBL?
  • develop WBL process as a teacher or as a coach or as a manager in a educational institution?


In the GRIT project, we  developed tools for (higher) vocational and higher education to improve learning at workplaces. This learning is likely to be something your students must do and you must support – but it can be so much more.


Teachers are excellent at solving problems in the classroom but might struggle when they have to meet other, sometimes bigger or even systemic level problems outside of the classroom. In Work Based Learning, teachers face these problems in other learning environments, that might be out of their control.  Service Design is a method and way of thinking, that will help you in those situations. It points out and names the challenges and problems, as well as creates sustainable solutions for all parties involved.

Design Thinking will help you to develop and test solutions and thus improve your WBL process. Service Design is not an instant fix for any problem, it is a continuous cyclic process that will improve your institution’s implementation of Work Based Learning.


In the GRIT project, we gathered information about several digital tools and applications that can be used in WBL and also tested some of them. You can read more about our tests in the following link.


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